Become An Expert In Sourdough!

sourdough cooking class
Sourdough Basics

Learn how to shape, form and score sourdough for optimal baking.

Make Your Own Starter in 7 Days

Learn everything you need to know about starters. Troubleshooting and how to preserve your starter for long term use.

5 In 1 Dough

Make 1 dough to turn into 5 different recipes.

English muffins, dinner rolls, sandwich bread, cinnamon rolls, and dutch oven bread.

What's Included

Starter Box:

*Stater Pack (shipped to your door): Bread Proofing Basket, Scoring Lame, Dough Whisk, Plastic Brush, 5 Blades and Faux Leather Cover, Metal Scraper, Plastic Scraper

Online Course:

*Easy to follow day by day videos on how to start your own sourdough starter

*Troubleshooting sourdough

Recipe Videos:

-5 in 1 Dough

-English muffins

-Dinner rolls

-Sandwich bread

-Dutch oven bread

-Cinnamon rolls

Additional Recipe Videos:





-Private Facebook Group

-Live Monthly Q & A's to answer all your sourdough questions

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About Your Instructor:

Hi, I’m Chef Eva

I live in the New Mexico high desert with my husband and 5 children. I started cooking in professional kitchens at age 15 and have never looked back. I earned a scholarship to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY and graduated in 2003.

Wearing many "hats" in the culinary world has lead me to be a Line cook, Breakfast cook, Caterer, Baker, Garde Manger, Pastry Chef, Cake decorator and more.

Currently, I work as a Culinary Consultant helping businesses start up their kitchens and create menus. My favorite job, by far, has been your Chef Instructor! I want to share these food industry tips with YOU, so you can run your kitchen in the most efficient, cost effective, and of course, tastiest way possible.

Happy Cooking,